Our Mission

MediPages was born in response to the trend in NZ and around the world to move from paper directories to online searches for medical and health services information. As an example, only about four per cent (4%) of Auckland households have chosen to receive a printed version of the phone book (http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/opt-option-printed-phone-books-5868572). A Stuff opinion poll (19.3.14) on the question of "Will you be opting out of phone books?" revealed two-thirds (68.4%) of respondents suggested they hadn't used one for years, or used it for something other than looking up phone numbers.

This of course will take away the Medical Practitioners and Medical Centres offering in the front of the phone book and this is also where MediPages will fill the void.

In a June 2013 press release Communications Minister Amy Adams had spelled the end for the printed version of the phone book in NZ. Given a choice, the vast majority of Aucklanders appear comfortable with finding the information they need electronically, and do not require a printed directory, Ms Adams said. (source: http://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/consumers-move-online-phone-directory-information).

The good news for the environment is, the opt-out system is estimated to save around 150 tonnes of paper ever year (TVNZ 19.03.14).

Similarly, in Australia, deliveries of the White Pages have plummeted by 98% (SMH 14.01.14), and it has just been announced that NZ'ers will also have the ability to opt out of the White and Yellow Pages from 2015 (Stuff 19.03.14). This clearly signals a global trend away from paper and the move to technology when it comes to directories and searches for the provision of medical and health products and services.

MediPages wishes to take up the challenge to replace the current offerings with a credible, user friendly online alternative.

From day one, MediPages will provide a 'FREE' listing to any provider it deems to offer the NZ public health related' services. This is to include the likes of Doctors, Dentists, Medical Specialists, Pharmacies, and many other health service providers.

We will also make available the opportunity for those providers to upgrade to a more comprehensive listing including keyword and location search functions, and an option to have their own webpage on the MediPages site, thus avoiding significant set-up and web build costs to build their own site.

MediPages will also provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as part of the 'paid listing' service to ensure that we arrive at the top of the publics' search results for your speciality and location.

MediMe is a free public Personal Health Directory (PHD) 'one stop shop' where NZ'ers can house their personal health service providers with a quick login access to the address and phone numbers avoiding having to search their phone for this info. The one click call feature allows for easy contact from your mobile.

If you are a Health Services Provider and wish to list with us, simply go here and follow the simple instructions.


The MediPages Team.


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