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Advertising with MediPages ensures you are exposing your product, service, or in fact, your brand to a target market based on their searches for same. The trend in online advertising in NZ predicts that online will usurp print advertising in 2014. There's a reason. As suggested in our About Us page NZ'ers are online!

And that's perfect timing for you to join us and place your ad today. We will ensure that you are prominently positioned based on the search relevancy. For example, if our searcher arrives at MediPages based on the search for "I wanna give up smoking" then your advert for 'Patches' will be the first thing they see, alongside their local pharmacy who stocks your product.

And if they're not stocking you, them tell them about us and encourage them to get signed up. And their listing is FREE!


  • precocious puberty

    Precocious Puberty - A Growing Dilemma for Today's Children

    In quiet conversations, simple observations, and various parental discussion groups, parents, teachers, and healthcare providers are facing a plight that is changing the norms for our children's growth and development - precocious puberty...

  • now-with-you-now-without%3A-my-journey-through-life-and-loss

    Now With You, Now Without: My Journey Through Life and Loss

    In the final months of her husband's terminal illness, Kathryn Leigh Scott was determined to make the most of every precious minute they had left. Despite Geoff's debilitating condition and the difficulties of caregiving, the couple decided to travel the world...

  • coenzyme q10

    Surprise Findings with Coenzyme Q10

    Coenzyme Q10 is one of the most important nutrients in the energy system. It is also an integral antioxidant and helps promote healthy aging. It has an outstanding reputation for heart, cholesterol, and blood pressure support...

  • treat-your-gut-to-some-chocolate

    How to keep your gut healthy over the holidays

    Imbalances in our gut flora are linked to a steady rise in conditions such as food allergy, eczema, asthma, autism spectrum disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, and cancer....