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Using the search fields above you can quickly find Health Service Providers along with all the details you need to make contact.

Use our Location, Specialty and/or Name fields to search for a Doctor, Physio, Dentist, Obstetrician, Pharmacy, or other health related provider in New Zealand. No more phone books! 


We are attempting to list all Health Service Providers in New Zealand. All will receive a BASIC free listing, with the option to upgrade to an ENHANCED listing. A Basic Listing has a phone number that is viewable, but does not have a link to a website, whereas an ENHANCED listing provides this, and more search keywords associated. An ENHANCED listing will also arrive at the top of search results.

We are currently making our way around the country and loading listings from all towns and cities in New Zealand, however if you are a Health Services Provider and we don't have you here then don't wait for us now and we can have you listed immediately.


We have a number of options and happy to bespoke for you to match your budget.

There is the BASIC search (keyword) related banner, a FIXED banner, which will appear full time, both with a link to your own site, or a link from the banner to a FULL PAGE 'advertorial' which will advertise your business and/or product with contact details, and links.

And we also have an AFFILLIATE Program advert which will advertise your product.

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    Now With You, Now Without: My Journey Through Life and Loss

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    Surprise Findings with Coenzyme Q10

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    How to keep your gut healthy over the holidays

    Imbalances in our gut flora are linked to a steady rise in conditions such as food allergy, eczema, asthma, autism spectrum disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, and cancer....