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MediRead: You and Work: In search of work life balance in the 21st century


Life can be challenging, we have so many commitments to juggle together that there sometimes does not seem to be enough time for both our personal lives and our career development.

However, it is possible to achieve an integrated life, in which our personal life strengthens our career and our career strengthens our personal life. Through this, we can load balance the performance as a producer that is expected from us at work, and the performance as a caring and loving person that is expected by the special people in our lives.

This book is divided into three sections.

  • Section I - You: Some thoughts on self-development, independent of the workplace.
  • Section II - You and Work: Some thoughts about the way that we interact with the modern work environment.
  • Section III - Work: Some thoughts on optimising the emotional-functional interface in the modern informal workplace.

From the foreword

'This sensitive commentary on the value of finding meaning in one's work without allowing work to consume us is apt in a modern world where our sabre tooth tigers are the superficiality of memes, reality television and rolling news cycles, which threaten to eliminate our mindfulness of the relationships and values that are so dear and meaningful to us

The author espouses the sense in founding your life in your personal realm with the development of true relationships and personal growth, and then using your inner strengths as an enabler to diversify your skills, balance risk and opportunity and grow from, not just survive change.'


Edward Chalk is a Business Analyst who lives in Melbourne, Australia. He enjoys writing about knowledge management, personal growth, mindfulness, work-life balance and the art of living. He maintains a blog at

Top customer reviews 

5 stars - This book is a brilliant guide to work-life balance

This book is a brilliant guide to work-life balance. It offers plenty of tips to anyone searching for a better balanced personal and professional life. I liked it very much how the book integrates many of the latest personal development trends (for example, energy cycles) into its core messages, at the same time provides personal advice on where to start our improvement journey. Well done Edward, I am sure many will take away great insight on work-life balance.

5 stars - Interesting Food For Thought

Having started my own company primarily to accommodate my own work-life balance, I was very interested to find out if could learn some new ideas from 'You and Work'. I found the book very written and extremely well researched. It provides interesting food for thought, both for individuals on how to live a more fulfilling life and for companies on how to maximise their staff productivity. Once I started it I was unable to put it down until I finished reading it. I would strongly recommend it as a good thought provoking read.

5 stars - Great read!

A timely book to help us navigate our insanely busy lives without losing sight of what's truly important to us.

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