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Now With You, Now Without: My Journey Through Life and Loss


In the final months of her husband's terminal illness, Kathryn Leigh Scott was determined to make the most of every precious minute they had left. Despite Geoff's debilitating condition and the difficulties of caregiving, the couple decided to travel the world. Anticipating new horizons and experiences was not only an embraceable antidote'it was the very heart of Kathryn's mantra: 'If not now, when?'

When the time came to face Geoff's inevitable passing, the voyage she had begun with the man she loved did not end. Kathryn continued on across the globe. Through grief, guilt, and coming to terms, their shared adventure evolved into an exhilarating journey to find the way back to herself.

A celebration of life, of coping with death, of cherishing memories, and of finding the courage to move forward, Kathryn's personal story is for anyone who has ever suffered a loss. It's an inspirational reminder'for yourself and those you love'not to waste the moments you have, here and now.


Writing and acting have always been Kathryn's twin careers. She has written Dark Passages (2012) Down and Out in Beverly Heels (2013), Jinxed (2015), Last Dance at the Savoy (2016) and The Happy Hours (2017). Kathryn will appear in The Three Christs with Richard Gere, played Melissa Joan Hart's mother in Hallmark;'s Broadcasting Christmas, has a recurring role as George Segal's girlfriend Miriam in The Goldbergs and appeared in the 2015 mid-season launch of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She wrote Dark Shadows: Return to Collinwood (2012), and appeared in a cameo role in the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton film, Dark Shadows (2012)

Kathryn grew up on a farm in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. Upon graduation from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Kathryn landed the ingénue lead in the classic Gothic daytime drama Dark Shadows (ABC, 1966-1971), and starred in the 1971 MGM feature, House of Dark Shadows. Kathryn played four roles in the series: Maggie Evans, Josette du Pres, Lady Kitty Hampshire and Rachel Drummond. Kathryn wrote Dark Shadows Memories to coincide with its 20th anniversary and Dark Shadows Companion as a 25th anniversary tribute. 

Top customer reviews 

5 Stars - Didn't even expect to like it. I was sort of right: I loved it.

Short, but as long as it needs to be, and no more. It illustrates a few nuggets of timeless wisdom without being self-helpish. Holds up nicely as a good story, well told, and deserves a wider audience than just caregivers and people dealing with grief.

5 stars - Five Stars

A wonderful and heartfelt story.

5 stars - This book is a must read. Grief is one ...

This book is a must read . Grief is one the most painfull experiences that everybody will go through in his or her lifetime. Grief has no boundaries.It affects every race,and gender, male and female, black or white and other ethnicities. and what religion you associate with or not. Kathryn shares her journey with grief after the loss of her husband Geoff Miller. Through cherished memories, support from friends and family, grief support groups, Kathryn displays dignity and strength to live each day to the the fullest by trying out new adventures and returning to the passions that she loves in both writing and acting. After losing my father to Parkinson six years ago and my sister in an untimely way, this book reminds me to take each day , step by step, and live life to the fullest. This is an inspiring book but what do you expect from and inspiring woman. Thanks Kathryn for being an inspiration to me.

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